SERVICES: What we can do for you!

What we do is build you a custom website that has the potential to garner $2,000 – $10,000 every month. The sites that we build are membership/subscription based sites. They charge customers roughly $25 subscriptions to access your exclusive content, pictures, videos, etc.  All you have to do is upload content every week and  have a bank account to collect your funds, or an address to receive a check. There is only a $750 website build fee and we ask that you purchase your own domain name to show us that you’re committed and serious. We can also purchase it for you for $50. Below is a list of services that we offer once you are on our platform. You receive alot of services for joining the team.

What we offer you:

-Magazine creation with clickable links to videos on the website
-Mailchimp integration
-CCBill emails for Mailchimp
-Banners for social media accounts 
-Booking ads
-Business cards
-SEO added on the website
-Discount trial memberships.
-Site will be indexed on all major search engines.
-Website design.
-Website build.
-Video editing.
-Money deposited right into your bank account!
-Or check delivered to your address
-Promo videos
-Ability to make up to $10,000 plus every month!
-Financial consulting.
-Video hosting.
-Loyalty deals for loyal customers.
-Cancellation discounts.
-Promo codes for discounts.
-Weekly payouts.
-Cancel anytime.
-Logos, watermarks, intro videos and much much more!!!
-You can choose your currency!
-Maintenance and software updates.
-Make your website contain exclusive content!
-Nude, non-nude, soft-core or hardcore material, its your choice!
-Graphic design.
-Able to create a clothing line.
-Web consulting.
We also offer things other companies don’t or can’t offer. Like, loyalty deals for loyal customers. Cancellation discounts. Promo codes for discounts. And since we work with CCBILL we also have a referral program for ppl who would like to promote your site and make money.
Plus we also offer another thing no other company offers. We can add the dropshipping site Printful to your site, and you can basically create your own clothing line. Literally have a line of clothes with your logo and brand name on them.
We are not a one size fits all platform. We are a team of web designers who will create you a huge revenue stream and we only keep 10% from the subscriptions.
Work with us and become a millionaire. There’s so many possibilities. You can even gain lifetime commission off other models you bring into the fold.
And there’s no cost to you. All you have to do is make videos and promote your site!
You will receive all of those services and you wont pay anything. We cover all the cost and you will receive direct deposits to your bank once a week. And you have the ability to cancel our partnership anytime you want. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Please get back to us and let us know what you think and also if you have any questions.
Jason Wilson Sales representative @ Cocoa Baes Inc.
Reach us here if you’d like a website of your own